SG Token

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SG TOKEN Roadmap Map 2022

February 2022

Development Phase Started
Branding process
Opening Social Media channels

March 2022

Website Designing
Branding process
Open Social Media channels

April 2022

Writing WhitePaper of SPC

May 2022

Marketing Phase 1
Reaching +10M Peopl

June 2022

Starting Presale for Space Girl Coin
Publishing the AMA
Doxing of SPC

July 2022

Launching of SPC on Uniswap
Listing of SPC on First CEX
Listing Applying of CoinMarketCap
Listing Applying of CoinGecko
Listing on Nomics, Coincodex, Tokeninside and more

August 2022

Listing Applying of Lbank
Listing Applying of MEXC
Using Space Girl Coin on the Metaverse

September 2022

Listing Applying of
The Second AMA of SPC
Space Girl Coin Debit Card & Custom Wallet Introduction.

October 2022

Listing Applying of Bybit
Team Meeting
Airdrop of SPC

November 2022

Agreement With Companies

December 2022

Preparing of Space Girl Member
Debit Card / Credit Card

SG TOKEN Roadmap Map 2023

January 2023

Launching of Space Girl Member
Debit Card / Credit Card

February 2023

Creating More Than 20 Global
Ambassadors on the World

March 2023

Airdrop of Space Girl Coin
Introducing Space Girl Collection
Music Productions

May 2023

Marketing Phase 3
Reaching +100M People

June 2023

Space Girl AMA

July 2023

Listing Applying of KuCoin

August 2023

Listing Applying of Kraken

September 2023

Listing Applying of
Coinbase Exchange

October 2023

Listing Applying of FTX

November 2023

Agreement With New Companies

December 2023

Listing Applying of Binance

About space Girls

Space Girls Going to
The World

Space Girl mission is to create a utility that can support its user in the real-life world. Space Girl project will help provide financial products for its community in the future. At Space Girl, we are a big believer in the future of humanity in space. We want to make sure one day our community can reach space, travel to the moon. So stay tuned on our discord for all future announcements.

Space Girl

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Mary Jane

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Space Assassin

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Space Archaeologist

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Space ParaMedic

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Space Agent

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Space Responder

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Space Cadet

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Space Girl Collection

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