City of Apollo

what started as a simple NFT project turned into much, much more.

We have expanded our initial idea of the Space Girl NFTs into The City of Apollo for the Space Girl Collection community. This metaverse utilizes the ERC-20 token SGC and it is designed to earn its player passive income by allowing players to interact with other members of the community, be entertained through various games like Team deathmatch & more, casinos, movie theaters to watch their favorite movies, business conference centers, purchasing of virtual real estate, and owning a private virtual island all made possible by the city of Apollo. The community should look forward to our own music events arena, as well as music production. This includes but is not limited to:

Coming Soon

Make Passive Income

Coming Soon

City Of Apollo COMING  SOON

Play to Earn Game

Play our death match game to and make passive income with us.

Virtual Real Estate COMING  SOON

Virtual Real Estate and other NFTs (Pyramid collection, Executive suits, Penthouses, Private Island, cars, F16, animals, marine life, jewels




Ammusment Park COMING  SOON

Roller coaster, Ferris wheel carnival rides, and more….


Private Island sale – with full development support in the future.


Corporate event conference center

Haunted house COMING  SOON

Haunted house attraction – Halloween special


Zoo attraction and NFTs – more details will be provided as the time comes (Will generate passive income for the holder.)

Marine life COMING  SOON

Marine life NFTs and attraction – more details will be provided as the time comes (Will generate passive income for the holder.)

Virtual Education COMING  SOON

Both items will provide resources for kids’ virtual education

Multiplayer Car Race

What are two-player driving games?
Two-player car games let you and a buddy play against each other
by racing or trying to score more points


More games will be released to the community after the initial launch.
Follow the site for updates

Space flight to the moon to build a new society and expand the Space Girl Collection civilization. In addition, the moon will house the main multiplayer Space Girl Game. More information will be released as the time comes closer